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Thread: How to Edit Context menu in Windows

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    How to Edit Context menu in Windows

    I am running window vista OS in my system. Recently I had downloaded some software from internet like folder lock. The folder lock icon is stored in the context menu of vista. Other than this there multiple icon like winzip, antivirus, etc. I just was the anti virus option there and other I want to remove. I want to know how can I edit context menu in windows vista and remove those unwanted icons from it.

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    Re: How to Edit Context menu in Windows

    There are multiple third party tools available on the internet to edit the right click menu of windows vista. You can use them as per your requirement. I am attaching a simple tool in the post. Download it and run it. It has an easy user interface. After installation run it. A window will appear which will show you the list of tools in your context menu. You can stop then just by removing the tick inside the box next to the icon.

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    Re: How to Edit Context menu in Windows

    To customize the context menu in windows xp open my computer or windows explorer. Go to tools and click on Folder option. Then click on File type. Highlight the your file and click on the advanced button. Now click on new and type a name for the file. After that go to the action button. Browse the application for the file. By this you can add or remove items from the context menu simply by specifying a program for the listed applications.

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    Re: How to Edit Context menu in Windows

    The context menu of windows can be altered via windows registry editor. Press ctrl + R from key board and type regedit in the box. In the resulting window go to the path - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ Directory\ shell. In the shell folder select new by right clicking on it. And select key. Give a name to the new file and press enter. In the right a new entry is created. Click on it and got to Edit menu > key. Give the name of application which want to remove from the context menu and press enter. Now right click on the the new key created and enter the full path of associated application. Close the editor.

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