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Old 11-06-2009
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What are the contents of Ms DOS.sys

Hello everyone,
I am working on Microsoft DOS application for my college project work. I now basic commands in command prompt to copy or move a file, to format, ping, etc. Which usually performs in the DOS windows. I want to know the content of Microsoft DOS file by which I can customize the boot menu. This I want to on a system which is running on Windows 98. What are all the content that it used by the DOS program. What is type of format they are stored. Also how can I edit the Microsoft DOS.sys. Thanks.
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Old 11-06-2009
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Re: What are the contents of Ms DOS.sys

A Msdos.sys file is created by windows setup program in the root folder. The attributes of file is set to read only, system and hidden. The files is usually in .txt mode. It includes all the path section which gives the information of windows files location. It also has a option part that is used personalize the boot process. I am listing the some content which is available in it. The first one is for the path section.
1 ). HostWinBootDrv=C:\windows - This determines the root of windows location.
2). UninstallDir=C:\ - This specifies the location of W95undo.dat and W95undo.ini files which are the main file to uninstall windows.
These files are included in the option section.
1). AutoScan=A number - This file determines to run scan disk after a improper shutdown. 0 number denotes no scan disk. 2 represent to run for fixing errors.
2). BootDelay=Time - This file denotes the amount of time for booting up windows. It is mentioned in seconds like 2 or 5
This setting is used only by OEM Service Release 2 and Windows 98.
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Old 11-06-2009
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Re: What are the contents of Ms DOS.sys

The file is a hidden file. It is an critical system components and a ready only file. You can do many changes in that to customize the boot process of windows. The list below will help you to do so. Before performing any action always take a backup of your file. You can search file by typing ms dos.sys in the search box. In case if is lost then your can at least store it back.:-
List of contents in Ms Dos.sys file.
  • HostWinBootDrv= [ windows directory ]
  • WinBootDir= [ All necessary startup files ]
  • WinDir= [ Windows 95 directory location ]
Option section : -
  • AutoScan= [ Enable or Disable ScabDisk at the time of bad shut down ]
  • BootConfig= [ Enable processing of current booting ]
  • BootMulti= [ Boot to previous OS ]
  • BootDelay= [ Set boot delay time ]
  • BootMenu= [ Display menu at start up ]
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Old 11-06-2009
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Re: What are the contents of Ms DOS.sys

Ms DOS.sys is an system file. So it is better if you can take a back up of the file. In case of errors you can paste it back on the edited file. It is stored in .txt file which makes it easy to edit. Follow the instructions to make any changes. Go to Start Menu > Find. Select Files or Folders. In box type msdos.sys and press enter. If will be easier if you search in the windows drive. When you get the file right click on it and select properties. Untick the box of Read only and hidden. Click on OK. Then after that right click on the file and select open with. Choose notepad or word pad. Edit the file as you want and save it. Close it and restart your windows to see the result of your changes.
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