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Thread: Function Driver Not Specified Error

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    Function Driver Not Specified Error

    I was installing a card reader in my system to fill up 8 gb memory stick for my mobile. I was trying to install it by the CD provided with the card reader. When I insert the usb connector it was showing installing on the screen but after some time a error occured. It denotes that "Installation failed because function driver not specified". The card reader failed to installed. I thought the card reader was a bad one. Then I tried my HP printer. But no progress the same error pop out. What does it means. I never had this problem before.

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    Re: Function Driver Not Specified Error

    First check out that your are logged in as an Administrator in the computer. The other reason behind this can be due to a poor quality of cable which connects your USB port to the motherboard inside the cabinet. The error also comes out when the distance between the cable is very long. Due to this the device which is connected does not receive proper signal and voltage. So here you system fails to recognize the drive correctly. Try to install the hardware from the backside of the cabinet. If it works then you will need to open up your box and look out weather the cable is proper or not. It will be better if you can change it.

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    Re: Function Driver Not Specified Error

    To troubleshoot the problem you will need to remove the old instances of drivers of the hardware which you are trying to install in your pc. To do right click on my computer and select properties. In the properties box go to hardware and click on device manager. In the windows go to action and click on show hidden devices. Now in the usb part remove the name similar to the hardware your are installing. Right click on it an uninstall. After that restart your system and plug it back again. Windows will detect your drive automatically. Visit similar thread for more information.
    USB device Failed.

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    Re: Function Driver Not Specified Error

    First check out in the BIOS settings that the USB device is enabled. Restart your system and enter it by pressing F8 or Del key. Then after when your system boots up go to Device Manager by right clicking on My computer. Connect the card reader. You can new see the hardware inside the Device Manager. Right click on it and update the driver. In the same way first uninstall your printer and then installed the driver.

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