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Thread: How to convert Microsoft Publisher file to PDF document

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    How to convert Microsoft Publisher file to PDF document

    hello friends,

    I have Microsoft Publisher 2002. I want to ask how can I convert the microsoft publisher file to the pdf document. can anyone suggest any ideas regarding this.....

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    Re: How to convert Microsoft Publisher file to PDF document

    Before converting the publisher 2002 file to a pdf document, do the following :
    First, install the Print Pelican PDF kit for Windows. Then, setup your Publisher document for commercial printing. Next, setup your document so that it will print with crop marks and bleeds. Also, setup your document so the page prints on a larger paper size to allow for the crop marks and bleed.

    Now, follow the necessary steps -

    • Click on the “Adobe PDF” menu item > select “Change Conversion Settings” > choose “Creo PDF Pages” from the “Conversion Settings” list and then click OK.
    • Click on the “Advanced Settings” button > choose “Acrobat 5.0 (PDF 1.4)” from the list for “Compatibility” > Click OK >
      once again click OK to save these settings.
    • Click on the “Adobe PDF” menu item again > this time choose “Convert to Adobe PDF
    • In the next window, name the PDF file and browse to the folder you want to save it in.

    That's it .....

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    Re: How to convert Microsoft Publisher file to PDF document

    Phase 1 : Get Publisher ready for making print-ready PDF files

    Note :
    • Prepare your Publisher file for commercial printing:
      Go to Tools/Commercial Printing Tools/Color Printing in Publisher, and select Process colors (CMYK)” or any other choice according to the colors in your job but make sure not to use “Composite RGB”
    • Your imported images must have enough resolution for getting high-quality prints.
    • Check the images for the correct resolution in Adobe Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint. At 100% final printed size, 300 ppi (pixels per inch) is the best resolution.

    Phase 2 : Generating a PostScript file from Publisher

    • Select File/Print in Publisher.
    • Set Adobe PDF or Distiller as name of the printer (depending on the version of Acrobat you are using).
    • Turn on “Print to File”. Also, turn on “Print composite” under “Separations”
    • Click “Advanced Print Settings” :
      - set “Graphics” to “Print full-resolution linked graphics” in the “Publication Options” tab.
      - set “Fonts” to “Use only publication fonts”.
      - check “Printer’s marks”.
      - enable “allow bleeds”
    • Click on “Properties” in the main Print window.
      - set the “Default Settings” to PDF/X-1a:2001.
    • Click on the “Add” button. at “Adobe PDF Page Size”
      - set a new page size equal to 1 inch larger than your Publisher page size.
      - name this new page size in the “Paper Names” field.
      - Click “Add/Modify”.
    • Select new page size in the drop-down box of “Adobe PDF Page Size”.
    • Deselect “Do not send fonts to ‘Adobe PDF’”
    • Leave the remaining drop-down fields to default settings.
    • Select OK to get back to the main print window
    • To print the file, select “OK” again. Name the print file if prompted.
    • Publisher will send the print file to My Documents by default.

    Phase 3 : Creating the print-ready PDF file

    • Start Acrobat Distiller.
    • The “Default Settings” should be set to “Creo PDF Pages”.
    • Drag and drop your Publisher print file into the Distiller window. Distiller will generate a PDF file and place it in My Documents.
    • Open the PDF file to check if all items display properly in Acrobat.

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    Re: How to convert Microsoft Publisher file to PDF document

    Download and install the following free PDF Creator - PrimoPDF

    After installing this new program, open your Publisher file and go to File > Print. On your Print screen, open the drop window and select PrimoPDF as your printer. Click OK. You will see the PrimoPDF screen. Browse to a save folder. When you'll click OK, the .pdf file will be created in your save folder.

    The resulting .pdf file can be viewed on any computer that has the free Adobe Reader installed.

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