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Thread: Excel Print Error "margins do not fit page size"

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    Excel Print Error "margins do not fit page size"

    I need to print some pages from one of my excel workbook. but the problem is when i put it into print preview come up with the message margins do not fit page size.Even when I try to change the print area to something smaller, it still gives me this problem.I've tried adjusting the margins, and removing and reinstalling the print drivers but the problem persists. Can anyone of help me out for the same? Please...

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    Re: Excel Print Error "margins do not fit page size"

    Most probably the cause of this error is changing the printer driver by clicking New Driver on the Advanced tab of the printer properties.When you switch the driver for a printer, the system attempts to merge the device mode settings for the old printer driver with the device mode settings for the new printer driver or if the Scaling option on the Page tab of the Microsoft Excel workbook was set to Fit to 1 page wide by 1 tall.

    Anyways, i have a solution for this, lets try it. Open Excel with new file and go to page setup option. Select A4 paper size and make sure margins are Ok. Now close this file and go to Control panel of your windows. Select the Printers and faxes option.Go to the properties of Xerox printer by right clicking on this icon. Set A4 as paper size here also and again open your excel file and see it in print preview option. Hope it will work fine now.

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    Re: Excel Print Error "margins do not fit page size"

    if you had put in the page breaks, go back in and select "remove page breaks" the same way you put them in. This should set it back to the way you had it before when it was printing fine. If the problem still remains than what i can say is your Excel seems to be corrupted.try re-registering it. You can do that right from your windows command prompt. Close the excel files and type excel.exe /regserver and than Click OK. Follow the instructions.

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    Re: Excel Print Error "margins do not fit page size"

    In the page setup option of your excel file, make 100% scaling and try to print preview. if the problem is still not solved i would suggest you to re-register the excel again.It may be corrupted.

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    Re: Excel Print Error "margins do not fit page size"

    I had the same problem. After cancelling my attempt, deselect the print area, and basically start over, the margin error disappeared, but I still experienced strange behavior. This was even a spreadsheet I print from every week without problems. Data should fit nicely on one page.

    I tried to print everything on one page. The Print Preview showed a tiny image and Page Setup showed 10%. I tried to change that to 50%, but now I got multiple pages. Toggled back to 'Fit to 1 page'. Still giving me 6(!) pages. Got error message when I tried to manually change the page settings in Print View.

    Then I searched Google and found this page. Toggled the Printer selection from my standard printer to 'PDF' (I think any available printer would have worked), and voila! I am able to print on one page again. Selected my old printer again and it works! Thanks!

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