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Thread: What is Workbook and Worksheets in Excel

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    What is Workbook and Worksheets in Excel

    Hi, i am a not a advanced user of computers or internet. Most importantly, i rarely use Microsoft office. In one part of the office that is Excel, i always get confused in Workbook and Worksheets. Could anyone of you make me know the difference in these two words ?

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    Re: What is Workbook and Worksheets in Excel

    A workbook is just that, a worksheet is whats in the workbook, kinda like an actual book or a file cabinet. It is a collection of worksheets. Workbook is the file in which you work and store your data. Because each workbook can contain many sheets, you can organize various kinds of related information in a single file.If you had one sheet that was a table with information, and another sheet with a pie chart, you would have a workbook.

    Worksheet is a sheet on which you are working in Excel workbook. It is used to list and analyze data.Creating formulas for Excel entering formulas into a spreadsheet we want to make as many references as possible to existing data.You can enter and edit data on several worksheets simultaneously and perform calculations based on data from multiple worksheets. Some kinds of worksheets are chart, Excel4 macro,Excel5 dialog, etc..

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    Re: What is Workbook and Worksheets in Excel

    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used to process business and financial calculations of various kinds.A workbook is the name Excel gives to the standard type of file that you use to create spreadsheets. It include the Worksheets you work in excel. You can add one or more worksheets if you need to, or alternatively, you can delete unwanted worksheets from a workbook.Remember that You can have just one worksheet in a workbook or you can have a lot of worksheets in a workbook.

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    Re: What is Workbook and Worksheets in Excel

    Thank you very much for making know the most confusing difference for me. i understood now that i work on worksheets and save it as workbook.

    I appreciate your help.

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