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Thread: Microsoft One Note Sidebar Gadget

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    Microsoft One Note Sidebar Gadget

    I am familiar with Microsoft OneNote. It is much advanced as compared to journal in Outlook. As I switched to windows vista I want to know about some more additional features on Ms OneNote. Other thing I heard somewhere that Microsoft is launching Ms OneNote side bar gadget. Does any one know about this. If there is any plugin then please send me a link. Basically, side bar is an quick access to the most frequently used programs.

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    Re: Microsoft One Note Sidebar Gadget

    OneNote is an application which is use in free from to take down notes on you computer. It also supports audio recording. It is an useful application on Tablet PC. Is includes features like spell checking and auto correct, supports audio notes, handwriting, sticky notes, etc. You can just directly drag your power point slides in OneNote. About the side bar gadget I don't know much about it. I will suggest you to check out on the internet.

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    Re: Microsoft One Note Sidebar Gadget

    There is no side bar gadget available for Microsoft OneNote. The other thing you can try is put the shortcut of one note in Windows Vista Side bar. Form there you click on it and access. But you cannot directly configure windows vista side bar. For that you will need a third party tool. Look out for application launcher. It is a freeware application in which you can place your frequently used shortcuts.

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    Re: Microsoft One Note Sidebar Gadget

    I never heard about the specific one note side bar. But I am attaching a different application in which you can work easily. You will need to open this in your windows vista side bar. It will add a gadget in the side bar which will keep the list of most frequently used program. You can run you specific program easily form there. I think about the side bar you are talking about is this gadget.

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