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Thread: How to paste links in outlook emails

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    How to paste links in outlook emails

    I have recently installed Windows Vista on my computer. Yesterday I created an email in Microsoft Outlook. In that email, I pasted a hyperlink of a YouTube. But to my astonishment it did not converted to clickable URL (like this Quiet strange, isn't it? Is there any possible solution to fix this?

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    Re: How to paste links in outlook emails

    If you are using Internet Explorer, then simply go to "File" - then take your mouse to "Send" - and now click on "Link by Email.." This will take you to your default Mail Client (for example Outlook) and provides you the link of the webpage of which you want the link.

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    Re: How to paste links in outlook emails

    To send the URL link with Microsoft Outlook, you must manually copy and paste the Web page URL from your Web browser into the body of an Outlook e-mail message. If you are having some difficulties then:

    1. In your Web browser, select the URL from the Address box.
    2. In Internet Explorer, go to the Edit menu, and click Copy.
    3. Create a new email message in Outlook.
    4. Click the message body, and then on the Edit menu, click Paste.

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    Re: How to paste links in outlook emails

    To insert a hyperlink in Outlook you can either type the hyperlink or drag a hyperlink into Outlook. Please note that if the URL begins with "www", you can leave it as it is. However if the URL includes spaces, or Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters, you must enclose the entire address in angle brackets (<>). For example, <file://C:\My Documents\MyFile.doc>.

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