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Thread: Trouble with WMDC in Windows Vista

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    Trouble with WMDC in Windows Vista

    I had upgraded my computer from windows xp to windows vista.. And now WMDC is not working. I bought a AT&T 8525 with wm 6.0. First after installation I restarted the sytsem. Then tired to load the application. The application does not work at all. My mobile is too connected with the system. What is the reason. I had installed proper drivers for my system. Then any the application started but I cannot sync with the system. I manage to copy a single file but it is disconnecting in between every time. Help me to sort this issue out.

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    Re: Trouble with WMDC in Windows Vista

    Uninstall WMDC from your system completely with the phone application and drivers. Install it back again follow the below points to make sure that the device perform properly. Check properly that the cable between your device and system is connected. It is plugged in the right working port. If you had placed any USB hub between the phone and pc remove it. Just check out weather your phone is installed in your system. You can see this by right clicking on My computer > Hardware > Device Manger. Make sure that the latest version of WMDC is installed in your computer.

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    Re: Trouble with WMDC in Windows Vista

    There is a regular problem with the WMDC. First when I tried to configure my device with the WMDC it gave a hard time. Well, there are many reasons behind this. Go to C:/Users/AppData/Local/Temp directories and delete all the files inside it. Open Ms Outlook, go to help and run Detect and Repair. Now just run ScanPST from your commandline to make clear that your outlooks .pst is not effected. Now reboot your pc and soft reset your phone. This will ensure that Activesync is not crashed on your device. Even after this if there is a problem that means there are some application which are conflicting with the device. One reason can also be that due to some missing service WMDC is not functioning properly. You will need to configure to run this service automatically in vista under service manager. Check for process like COM+ Event system, COM+ Event System, DCOM Server Process Launcher, DHCP Client, Windows Mobile 2003-baased device connectivity, Windows Mobile based device connectivity, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), UPnP Device Host. Run these services.

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    Re: Trouble with WMDC in Windows Vista

    First reinstall your device. Now firewall can also be the main reason. To check it just turn on and off your firewall and try to connect the device to the system. Because firewall can block the service. For the sync issue there are many reasons. The solution for this is switching back to an older ActiveSync protocol. Go to the settings coloumn of your PocketPC. And then got connections and open USB to PC Control option. Remove the tick before the option Enable Advanced Network Functionality. Reconnect your phone and restart your system.

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