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Thread: creative sb16 dos install disk needed

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    creative sb16 dos install disk needed

    Hello, I am trying to find the creative sound blaster 16 msdos driver or install disk but I couldnt find it anywhere on net. So, could you guys please help me out by giving me a direct link to this driver. Thank you
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    Re: creative sb16 dos install disk needed

    Hope this helps you:

    Note: This is a Plug and Play card. DOS does not know how to allocate resources to a pnp card. You MUST load CTCM - Creative PnP Configuration Manager - to allocate resources to this card prior to installing or loading the DOS level drivers

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    Re: creative sb16 dos install disk needed

    You can download drivers from here...

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    Re: creative sb16 dos install disk needed

    You might need to configure your BLASTER variable. Boot from a plain DOS disk with a diagnostic program on it, and find out what IRQ and DMA your card uses. Then edit AUTOEXEC.BAT to say something like

    SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D3 T6

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