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Thread: Quickbooks runs slow

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    Quickbooks runs slow


    My PC keeps restarting, sometimes a blue screen of death appears.

    I think, it is the client was the problem: When I come into journal entries, I overtake contents journal entry, because I print too quickly.

    When you create a lot of journal entries, you need a way to create them quickly:
    So I have to restart again, and they were enabled, but the PC speed is noticeably SLOWER.

    Now my PC is completely vulnerable, but doesn't auto restart yet, and speed is faster.

    I need help please

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    Re: Quickbooks runs slow

    You need Ulead PhotoImpact 12 - an excellent image editor. IMHO, much more convenient to use Photoshop and to create web graphics and more functional.

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    Re: Quickbooks runs slow

    Blue screen is usually a tech support issue, link is located at upper left of this forum page. Also, there is a reasonable possibility that GSI may point to something concrete. If you can upload a memory dump somewhere it could be helpful

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