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Thread: How to fix system_service_exception error

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    How to fix system_service_exception error

    I have Desktop computer with windows XP OS. The RAM is 1 GB with core 2 duo processor and a new graphic card. Now problem is that I am getting a stuff on my screen like system_service_exception error. The screen turns to blue and it does not goes till I restart. First it happen sometime but now I am tired of it. What is the error indicate and what is the problem with the system.

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    Re: How to fix system_service_exception error

    First do one thing. Restart your system in safe mode and scan your system for virus. Work in safe mode for a while. If the blue screen does not appear that means there is an driver issue with your system. Some vga driver is incompatible with the system and creating the error. Re-install or upgrade the drivers and then check it out.

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    Re: How to fix system_service_exception error

    You had mentioned that you are using a graphic card in your system. I believe that your GPU drivers are the reason for blue scree. I can bet that before the graphic care installed you system was fine. The only solution for this is to upgrade the drivers till today's date. Search internet for the driver of your model graphic install it and restart your system.

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    Re: How to fix system_service_exception error

    Look in event viewer for the detail of log. The error indicates a bad driver especially linked with video. Remove your graphic from your system and uninstall the driver. Just check out weather the error is appearing again or not. If not then the drivers are exploiting your operating system. But if things are still the same then you will need to replace your RAM.

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