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Thread: What video format does LD Shine support

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    What video format does LD Shine support

    My friend just bought a new LG Shine mobile phone. He gave that to me to fill up some latest songs and videos. The songs are working by the issue is with videos. I copied some 3gp videos which is most common video format for most of the mobile. But they are not working. Format not supported message is displayed on the screen when I play the files. I am still wondering which type of video to add. I tried with avi also but no result. Help needed.

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    Re: What video format does LD Shine support

    LG shine phone does not recognize .avi and .3gp format of videos. It does not support it. It is true that it works in all other mobile phone. Before adding any video make sure that when you convert anything it should be converted properly with a good video converter. Just renaming the file will not work. Try to search online for better results. Some factors are also responsible for this error like the video resolution must be greater or lesser than 320x240. What I suggest you is get more information on your phone.

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    Re: What video format does LD Shine support

    I was too confuse for the same issue. There is a very simple technique to find out the formats for video. But is very important that you mobile should have a camera support. Do one thing, record a short video through your mobile phone for 2 minutes. Then copy that movie in your pc and right click on that and select properties. The properties widow will tell what is the exact format of your video file. The same format in which you need to convert your videos. Try this out it works 100%.

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    Re: What video format does LD Shine support

    The LG shine mobile phone does not support .avi or any other video formats. It also does not support 3gp. Instead of 3gp it reads 3gpp format. The video type which LG shine can read is H.263, MPEG4, AAC, and AMR. The h264, mpeg 4 and aac are advance audio formats. h264 is also called as dolby digital. These are High Definition formats which cannot be played in any mobile. Look on the internet for the following formats and their converters.

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