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Thread: Where is the mute button in computer

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    Where is the mute button in computer

    There is no mute button in my computer. I have a windows xp machine with external speakers. My sound is also not playing. When play any music in Windows Media player it shows that the music is playing but there is no sound. Same thing while playing any movie only the video works not the sound. Also I tried to mute and unmute it from Windows media player. But still there is no sound. I think it is muted from the windows sound device button where it is actually located.

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    Re: Where is the mute button in computer

    At the right side of the desktop at the bottom where the clock is, lies the Sound button of windows xp. It is in a speaker shape. You click on it to reduce and increase the master volume of windows. If you cannot see that button then you will need to reinstall your audio drivers. Right Click on My Computers > Properties > Hardware > Device Mangaer. Under the sound coloumn check out weather any devices has exclamation mark or any another sign. Right click on that and select update drivers.

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    Re: Where is the mute button in computer

    The button is being hide accidentally by some one. It is possible to hide and unhide the button from the system tray. Follow the below steps :
    Start Menu > Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices
    Check the box " Place the volume icon in Task bar ".
    Exit Control Panel.
    Now you can see the volume icon in the system tray. From here you can adjust the audio properties.

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    Re: Where is the mute button in computer

    The mute button is called volume icon. It is displayed in the notification area of windows xp where the clock is. If you are not able to reset the volume properties then Go to Start Menu > Run. A run dialog box will appear. In the box type mmsys.cpl. And click on OK. A window of sound and audio properties will pop-up. Check on the box " Place volume icon in taskbar" and press enter. Now the volume icon will appear on the notification area from where you adjust the sound properties.

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