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Thread: Microsoft Paint Mspaint.exe download

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    Microsoft Paint Mspaint.exe download


    I'm not able open any Bmp images in my pc. i get an error message the error message that the computer could not find the mspaint.exe file. paintbrush is disappeared from my pc. It used to be accessories. If someone has by mistake deleted the file then how do i restore it ?

    Thank you

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    Re: Microsoft Paint Mspaint.exe download

    Go to and search for it. or you can reinstall it using your Genuine Microsoft Windows software. Just pop it in the CD drive.

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    Re: Microsoft Paint Mspaint.exe download

    You deleted it from control panel or you have deleted the pain shortcut ? You should beable to copy mspaint.exe from any other pc %WINDIR% directory. Go to Start > Run and type mspaint.exe then press Enter.

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    Re: Microsoft Paint Mspaint.exe download

    I think your paint Shortcut has disappeared. Go to Comtrol panel and go to 'Add or Remove Programs' click on window click on 'Add / Remove Windows Components', this will open Windows Component Wizard , under the wizard you will find "Accessories and Utilities" Highlight 'Accessories' and then click details. and see that 'Paint' has a check mark by it. If is does not, check it and click ok and then click finished to save the setting

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