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Thread: Engine Initialization has failed ERROR.

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    Engine Initialization has failed ERROR.

    I got a Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 from my brother, it is few year old . when i try to start the program i cant . when ever i try to open it i get this message :

    Easy CD Creator Engine initialization has failed: (Could not Initialize the Engine)
    what can i do ? I have run this cd and it worked that time !

    I have update to windows XP sp3 will this be the issue ?

    Thank you for your reply

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    Re: Engine Initialization has failed ERROR.


    This behavior can occur because after the upgrade, several .vxd files are missing from the %windir%\SYSTEM\drivers\iosubsys folder, including the Cdr4vsd.vxd file. The error message that is listed in the "Symptoms" section of this article can occurs as a result of being unable to load the .vxd file.


    To work around this behavior, after you upgrade, uninstall and then reinstall Easy CD Creator 5.02a. When you install Easy CD Creator 5.02a on your Windows XP-based computer, the correct version of the driver is installed.

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    Re: Engine Initialization has failed ERROR.

    This type of error message is also caused when required DLL files failed to register. If these required files register unsuccessful during the Easy CD Creator installation process, Roxio's main Engine will not load and cause multiple errors. Roxio reports that updating video card drivers will often correct the initialization problem, as will as temporarily removing any external devices for troubleshooting this problem.

    Source : plextor

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    Re: Engine Initialization has failed ERROR.

    Uninstall using the add/remove in the Control Panel. To clear thing up use this. Now install ECDC5 from the cd . there are more chance of install to say no supported recorders ,,, tell it to install anyway.
    Run all the updates –– be sure to run 5.3.5, before driveup.
    Make sure you get the right update Basic or Platinum

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