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Thread: dos/4gw error dos

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    dos/4gw error dos

    I have Windows XP on my computer. Every time i try to install dos4/gw.exe it get an error message Dos/4gw fatal error (1004). I dnt know what the error is about....!

    Can anyone tell me about it....????

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    Re: dos/4gw error dos

    What are DOS/4G and DOS/4GW?

    DOS/4G is Tenberry's 32-bit DOS extender.

    DOS/4GW is a subset of DOS/4G that is specific to and bundled with the Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compilers.

    Because DOS/4GW is a subset of DOS/4G, most of the answers in this part of the FAQ apply to both. To shorten this FAQ and to make it clearer, we will use DOS/4G(W) when what we are saying applies to both DOS/4G and DOS/4GW.

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    Re: dos/4gw error dos

    I suppose that this in the starting in TWO is becoming before the windows. This it is a extensor of TWO use to execute two programs of greater age. The majority of the games. Cleaning of autoexec.bat and config.sys of all the references to this a to get rid of her. Then, in the windows to desinstalar the games or programs need that it, because no longer it is executed and appearently is not worked now as it demonstrates the error to it. They watch the windows startings and to eliminate all the related ones to the Dos4gw.

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