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Thread: smrgdf program not found

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    smrgdf program not found

    After the windows logo displayed i get a blue screen error saying "smrgdf program not found. Skipping Autocheck" & then computer starts working normally. Does anyone what the problem is about????

    Please Help.....!!

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    Re: smrgdf program not found

    A virus sounds as malware or, or perhaps a residue of that has been removed by your virus scanner. Click on start/carries out/msconfig.exe, then see if you can localize under the tab to start up. If so, then you must finch it.

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    Re: smrgdf program not found

    we can see the error message, but presumably repaired when system mechanic or appropriate, this program may lead to disturbance. In that regard, problems with the system mechanic software, you need to support their team-talk about. According to iolo it's Vista compatible.

    Also try this its related to your problem.......! Read it Carefully.....!!!

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    Re: smrgdf program not found

    1. Uninstall the program through the Panel of control> You add or to remove programs through going for the program and selecting the uninstaller folder.

    2. The rows will be left the shoulders. These rows must be eliminated or renamed:


    3. A register indication requests these programma' s to twist, therefore for cleaning these boot-time bels, goes you to the bud starts on the task beam and select carry out and type in Regedit, which will open of the Windows Register-editor.

    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager, and for the value BootExecute, if the value is "autocheck autochk * smrgdf
    C:\Documents and settings\(user name here)\Application Data\iolo\ iolobtdfg C:\WINDOWS\system32" then right click on BootExecute, select to modify,
    and change this so it only reads as "autocheck autochk.

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