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Thread: How to open cdr files in adobe

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    How to open cdr files in adobe

    I got some files from my clients for a project work. The files are in .cdr format. The files include some graphic designs of a model. I tried to open the file in some graphic tools in my computer. But things do not work. It is a corel draw file but I don't know to work with Corel Draw. Other than this, I have adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop in my computer. I want to ask weather I can use any one of it to view .cdr files. Is it possible to open a .cdr type file in a adobe product. What are the more software's I can use to open and convert the .cdr file into another format.

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    Re: How to open cdr files in adobe

    .cdr is a corel draw file. You cannot view the file in any other software. I would recommend you to use Corel for the .cdr files. They are much more compatible with corel and easy to use also. Get corel draw 9.0 or earlier and install it in your computer. If you want you can also use Corel PaintShop Pro to view and edit those files.

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    Re: How to open cdr files in adobe

    Another good way of opening Corel Files into Photoshop, but I wont gurantee the results.
    You got a corel draw file. It is very important that you must have a Corel Draw installed in your computer. Other wise you will not be able to view the files. There in one way by which you can open those files in Adobe Photshop and Adobe Illustrator. There are chances that the quality of graphic may fade out. Try this.
    • Open Corel Draw. Select all the files. Now go to Corel Draw File Menu > Export as EPS.
    • Open Adobe Photoshop > Open Eps Files.

    Give the DPI value so that it can convert into a bitmap.
    • In Adobe Illustrator :
    • Open Corel Draw > Select all the items by pressing Ctrl + C
    • Open Adobe Illustrator and paste it.

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    Re: How to open cdr files in adobe

    Use IrfanView to view the .cdr files. It available freely and easy to work. It has multiple option to view and convert the files and get expecting results. I am also listing some freeware tools which help to work out with cdr files. They also work as converters. You can covert your files in desirable format by it.

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    Re: How to open cdr files in adobe

    Use Inkscape

    An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. Inkscape is one of the best Vector Drawing programs available today and it is FREE. Thus you can Open and EDIT Cdr, Cmx, Ai files without buying Illustrator or Corel Draw

    It open CDR Corel files as full editable vector image.It gives also the option to save as EPS to be open with PhotoShop.
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