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Thread: Problem with Realtek Sound Audio Manager

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    Problem with Realtek Sound Audio Manager


    I have Windows 2000. I downloaded a Realtek Sound Driver and installed it successfully, in fact. I did it just to get the Sound Audio Manager, so that I could add all the effects to my singing and stuff. Well, it is nowhere to be seen, and it was supposed to come with the driver. I have a folder WDM_R164, where there is a folder WDM and there are two things that I can relate to the manager: RTLCPL.exe and RTHDCPL.exe, which seem as same things. When I click on them, nothing happens. Please help. And yes, don't laugh at me, if I wrote something stupid here, I'm only a girl, and as y'all know, technology and chicks don't go together oh, and it's probably the wrong topic, I really couldn't put it anywhere, sorry for that! Hope I learn during my stay here.
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    Re: Problem with Realtek Sound Audio Manager

    After reading your problem, I went to look for the Realtek Sound Audio Manager on my computer so that I could give you the solution. But found that my Audio Manager was also missing from the taskbar. I had reinstalled machine recently and since then had never noticed about the missing Realtek Audio Manager. So I went to the program files and found the 2 files that you have mentioned - RTLCPL.exe and RTHDCPL.exe... I clicked on them but nothing happened. However, I noticed that the sound manager appeared in the taskbar then and I can now open it and adjust the sound options.

    So from my experience, I can just say that you just need to get the Realtek Sound Audio Manager in the taskbar and it works from there only. Just double click on those files and one of them will bring the Audio Manager icon in the taskbar.

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