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Thread: iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

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    iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

    I am a frequent user of iTunes on my Windows Vista PC. Like every frequent user, i also like to work with keyboard shortcuts. I do most of my work with keyboards itself but what i need to day from you all is Keyboard shortcuts for Windows iTunes navigation. Please let me know some shortcuts .

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    Re: iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

    Well, its nice to work with keyboard in order to save time and work fast. Here are some of the keywords you can use in iTunes:-

    Play the selected song

    Listen to the next album in the list
    Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow

    To navigate up or down a list of songs without automatically playing the songs
    Up and Down arrows.

    start or pause a song thatís already playing.

    Delete the selected playlist immediately
    Ctrl + Delete

    Delete the selected playlist and all songs listed in it
    Shift + Delete

    Zoom the window
    Shift + double-click the title bar

    To increase the volume
    Command-Up Arrow.

    To mute the sound
    Option-Command-Down Arrow.

    Toggle Visualizer
    Ctrl + T

    Toggle Visualizer full-screen
    Ctrl + F

    Mini Player
    Ctrl + M

    Stream audio from a URL
    Ctrl + U

    Put the iTunes window into the Dock

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