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Thread: What is UPS tracking tool? How to test UPS?

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    What is UPS tracking tool? How to test UPS?

    I read some where about UPS tracking tool. But I didn't remember where, and why is it useful. I am asking so because I want to test my UPS and check if it is working properly. However I can't find a way to test it before it starts giving me problems. Do you know any such tools or software that can help me to get my job done? What is the process to get it tested?

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    Re: What is UPS tracking tool? How to test UPS?

    UPS Tracking Tools helps in integrating UPS technologies into your intranet or enterprise application, empowering your customers with the ability to track their own shipments. They are basically of two types:

    - UPS Signature Tracking Tool: This tool retrieves Proof of Delivery information including a digital signature and delivery address.
    - UPS Tracking Tool: This tool is used by your customers during up-to-the-minute status on domestic or international shipments.

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    Re: What is UPS tracking tool? How to test UPS?

    UPS Tracking Tool allows you to track UPS parcels by shipment, reference data or by single tracking transactions. Basically it offers an XML online tool to obtain Tracking Information. However, it is up to you and your company how to program and implement it. With the help of this tool you can obtain Tracking information very quickly and easily. This tool is not for testing any UPS but is intended for programmers use only.

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