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Thread: Adobe Illustrator CS2 for high quality PDF printing

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    Adobe Illustrator CS2 for high quality PDF printing

    I have created some company logos by working with Adobe Illustrator CS2 these logos are created with some high graphics and 3D image/view, now I have decide to print that logos using Adobe Illustrator Photoshop CS2 and we requiring final image in the high quality PDF format, with size of width 132 inch and height :35 inch so please tell me how to save it to high resolution with require size .

    Thanks for your response.

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    Re: Adobe Illustrator CS2 for high quality PDF printing

    The PDF printer is an excellent choice, but the image has a transparent background when the PDF is imported into Photoshop.All the fonts dont get embedded properly and the size also increases due to embeded fonts so we normally recommend outline version of the artwork which will be easily fixed, if necessary, by copying the layer and adding a white background. One advantage that the PDF printer has over SnagItís is that you can set the resolution higher than 600 dpi.

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    Re: Adobe Illustrator CS2 for high quality PDF printing

    Use the InDesign Preflight feature to ensure that image resolution and color spaces are correct, that fonts are available and can be embedded, that graphics are up-to-date, Before printing to the software driver, make sure that you go into its advanced options to set the resolution. For print I would suggest at least 300 dpi, though I use 600 dpi. If your artwork contains transparency and you require high-resolution output, it's a good idea to preview the effects of flattening using the Flattener Preview panel before saving the file.

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    Re: Adobe Illustrator CS2 for high quality PDF printing

    In my experience 300ppi is just fine.This will be good for good quality picture as well and 600ppi will also is good if you are printing an illustration that's going to have some text on or around it, this setting is available in the Page Setup dialog box on the Page tab, but that's only if you are going to put the text directly into Photoshop;Use only high-resolution images in your document. For best results, use only CMYK images in a four-color-process job. Alternatively, you can choose to convert RGB images to CMYK in the Export Adobe PDF dialog box if you add the text with Illustrator and print from there, then there's no problem and you can keep the illustration 300ppi. In short, 600ppi is good if you want to have super crisp edges, so abstract art could fit in that category as well.

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