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Thread: How to add drop shadow effect with Fireworks

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    How to add drop shadow effect with Fireworks

    Is there any easy way to add drop shadows with Fireworks to add dimension and interest in my document.I was wondering if it was possible in Fireworks to do an effect of a sloping drop shadow. If any one of you know the same, please make me know.

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    Re: How to add drop shadow effect with Fireworks

    This is a great Fireworks special effect for creating realistic perspective shadows. It gives a "depth of field" effect to your images.A shadow effect can be applied to any object in Adobe Fireworks CS3 to add a drop shadow to that object.Here are steps to add drop shadow effect with Fireworks:-

    • Open a new image that you'd like to apply the perspective effect to in Adobe Fireworks CS3.
    • Duplicating the Object.Select the Pointer tool from the Fireworks toolbox and click to choose the object in the document to which you would like to apply the shadow. The Properties pane at the bottom of the screen will display the properties for the chosen object.
    • Click on the object to select it. If you locked the top layer you'll automatically select it.
    • Turn off the visibility of the top layer so you can see your changes to the bottom object.
    • With the object selected, click on the Effects pop-up menu in the Property Inspector and select Adjust Color>Levels...
    • Set the Maximum Intensity value to zero (0)
    • Right click on the object and select Transform>Distort (Alternatively you can go up to Modify>Transform>Distort but I find right clicking to be more efficient)
    • Click the top-middle selection handle and drag down and to the right or left to create the effect
    • Now Create the Shadow Effect.Add a Bitmap Layer mask
    • Select the Gradient Tool (G)
    • In the Property Inspector make sure Fill Selection is selected and for Mask To, select Grayscale
    • Click and drag from the right of the pin to the left. This is how the perspective shadow is applied. Don't worry if you didn't get the effect you like. You can continue clicking and dragging over the bottom object until you get the right fading effect.

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    Re: How to add drop shadow effect with Fireworks

    Or simply try this:-

    1. Select the object you want to apply a drop shadow to

    2. Under the properties panel ( almost said palette :razz: ), at the 'effects' section, press the '+' button.

    3. After clicking +, you will see a list of effects. What you wanted is drop shadow... so, under the shadow and glow submenu, select 'drop shadow'

    4. You might want to change some parameters. Such as the transparency setting of the shadow, the softness, angle, etc. Experiment with them and you'll have a clear idea how they work.

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