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Thread: Missing rtl70.bpl file on Windows Xp

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    Missing rtl70.bpl file on Windows Xp

    I'm running Windows Xp as my operating system. The problem is that whenever i turn on my system, it shows me an error message stating rtl70.bpl file missing on my pc. Can any body tell me that what can i do in order to get rid of the above issue? Kindly provide me your suggestion to resolve the above issue. Any kind of information on the above isssue would be appreciated.

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    Re: Missing rtl70.bpl file on Windows Xp

    Do you have any protection software install on your system? If, yes then try to restore to an earlier date, because your installed programs leave an entry on the start up. Try to disable it by opening your run command and then just type msconfig and click on Ok tab. Then on your system Configuration, try to click on Start Up Tab and then uncheck the applications and reboot your system.

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    Re: Missing rtl70.bpl file on Windows Xp

    For that you need to download the file from the internet and then run the .exe file called BLP FILES on your system. And i think you will get your missing rtl70.bpl file back on your system.

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