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Thread: How to remove a title form .mkv file

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    How to remove a title form .mkv file

    I had download some video files from the internet. The format is .mkv. When i play those file it showing titles and subtitles while playing. How can i remove those subtitles from the files. If I try to edit would it will affect the audio and video streaming quality of the files. Those subtitles are shown up in all the players i using. Well, i want to make a cd out those file and don't want those subtitles in the videos.

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    Re: How to remove a title form .mkv file

    Those subtitles are merged in the files by default. Normally .mkv is an animation type of file. You had downloaded those file and now you are irritated by the title. Do this if your are using VLC player to play those files and you can just turn them off. Go to video menu and go to the last tab which is subtitles track. Turn it off. Now if you play those files it will not show any title. Capture the screen video by any suitable screen capture tool and make a cd out of it.

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    Re: How to remove a title form .mkv file

    Just check whether there is file in the folder of the movie you downloaded. It is called the subtitle file. If it is present there remove it. The titles from your video will disappear. If the subtitle is embedded in the movie the there are plenty of tools available on the internet to remove those unwanted subtitles from the .mkv file. You will just need to look out for the suitable tool as per your requirement and download it. Install it and open your file in the tools and edit it. Also take care about the audio and video streaming. Improper editing will let you a bad file which either play or not.

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    Re: How to remove a title form .mkv file

    The subtitles can only remove by editing the movie in suitable subtitle removal tool. These softwares are specially built to add or to delete a title in a movie. Download some of the tools mention below. These are very helpful to remove any subtitles in a movie. It a quiet easy to work out.
    1). Subtitle Remover VirtualDub
    2). MKVToolNix

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