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Thread: Outlook on DUAL BOOT Vista 32 & Windows 7-64

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    idea Outlook on DUAL BOOT Vista 32 & Windows 7-64

    I have been looking for a solution, and have now finally pieced this together.

    I hope it helps others:

    Using Outlook 2007 on a dual boot system with Vista Home Premium and Windows 7

    Assumes that Vista already has a working copy of Outlook installed

    1) install Windows on Windows 7

    2) boot to Vista and UNHIDE the following directory:

    users/<username>/AppsData/ (apply change to subdirectories and files)

    To export Account details (to avoid setting these al up by hand)

    open regedit
    1. Start > Run > type ‘regedit’
    2. Locate the following path in your ‘Registry Editor’
    3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook

    Now right click on the key outlook and select option: Export and save .reg files to the root of your C drive.
    The boot windows 7
    with file explorer find the saved reg file. (The c drive will be shown with a different drive letter) double click to import.
    Then open outlook. It will report that your pst (or several incl archive) cannot be found.
    This is because the paths it is looking at have the C; infront. click ignore, go to Tools/account settings (you will see you email accounts here Magic!) click on the data files tab, click on settings and change the path to the path on the Vista drive. (possibly d: drive. rest of path will be the same.) You must have permissions to access and have remembered to unhide the Appdata folder as mentioned before.
    Do this for all the pst. files.
    Close outlook and restart.
    You will need to enter your passwords for the email accounts as passwords are not stored into .reg file! (save password ticked if you do not want to repeat this.

    Finally, if you use colour categories, check your calendar to see if the have reappeared. If not, right click on the Today screen top bar (click on personal folders and the Today screen will appear) and press Properties and the "upgrade to colour"

    voila! done. (I then install my preferred free add in XOBNI. highly recommended)

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Outlook on DUAL BOOT Vista 32 & Windows 7-64

    Wow!! Great find. So now Outlook can be used along with the Windows 7. I had earlier asked this here Email program suitable for Windows 7 and now I hope I can get Outlook to work on Windows 7. Will try it today itself

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    Re: Outlook on DUAL BOOT Vista 32 & Windows 7-64

    this is great, but i want to use windows 7 as source (main outlook file) and windows xp as secondary(want to have xp use Win7 outlook file). i tried to follow your steps but there is no outlook folder in this address. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook

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    Re: Outlook on DUAL BOOT Vista 32 & Windows 7-64

    Quote Originally Posted by KevUK
    Hi Jaap_98

    Back in May 2009 you posted a thread about the above. You listed this refering to Windows7 and Vista.

    My setup here is a Dell Dimension 9150(XPO51)
    250Gb Sata Partitioned; XP Pro on one side Win7 Ultimate on the other. (XP was the Original Installation that contains the relative Outlook files.)

    How does the method you laid out differ from Vista to XP?
    Are you able to help me please?

    Thank you.
    Hi Kevin ,don't think it wouls be much different except I believe the paths will be different.
    I dont run XP anyomre so cannot check. just search for the outlook.pst (under xp) to see your correct path. (instead of the one mentioned in the post).
    then unhide this directory.

    If the key is in a different location of the registry, you should be able to find it using google.
    then export the registry key; i hope this works the same way. else google something like "export regedit outlook account key".
    Then goto win 7. open outlook and follow my instructions so that it is looking at the correct (old) outlook.pst and not the new one created when you installed outlook.
    Finally duble click on the reg key file that you saved to import the account settings (or just put these in manually. (easy, just printscreen the settings under the account settings in xp outlook and then replicate in outlook inder win 7)

    sorry I cannot be of more help,
    good luck,

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