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Thread: *.dbx files are not being read by outlook express. NOTHING WORKS!! Please help

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    *.dbx files are not being read by outlook express. NOTHING WORKS!! Please help

    I have been working on this issue for more than a week and close to hanging myself (not really)

    1. a week ago my outlook express crashed and compacted all my folders--the folders were left but all the emails were gone

    2. I found all the dbx files in tact and tried to reimport them several ways

    *from creating a new identity and moving them there (after deleting folders.dbx, etc)

    3. outlook reads my folders--but not my emails

    4. today outlook decided to delete all my inbox emails which i also found as dbx file

    5. downloaded thunderbird to say bye bye and convert dbx files into eml files (but the programs they suggest do not work)

    6. downloaded some restore programs that show some of the dbx folders and all emails while others say--no emails (even though the corresponding dbx files are huge and obviously have the emails)

    I am very desperate and have no idea what to do anymore. I am not a techie and just going nuts trying to figure out solution

    I literally followed like 20 how tos from different forums and nothing helps

    If someone out there can be kind enough to really find a way for this to work, please let me know (including any open source or free dbx to eml converters so i can use thunderbird)

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    Re: *.dbx files are not being read by outlook express. NOTHING WORKS!! Please help

    In this case, the best solution is OE-Mail Recovery an easy-to-use tool that allows you to open .dbx files, read dbx files and restore your damaged Outlook Express data. all currupted Emails and messeges will be recover and saved in simple format that you can read by any email client.don't use MAPI to open Outlook Express dbx files. Just double-click on a file for an opening dbx files.

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