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Thread: How to copy multiple files to multiple destination at a time

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    How to copy multiple files to multiple destination at a time

    I am using a 1TB SATA Hard Disk & has left only less place in it. So i was thinking of firstly to move different files of Different users to put it together & then to delete the duplicate or useless files in it. But moving each file cut & then paste it to the other section can be waste of my time. So i just wanted to know that is there any software made for it so i can do that in sequence & i don't need to sit over there & look for it.

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    Re: How to copy multiple files to multiple destination at a time

    Copy/Move Multiple Files And Folders To A Single Location

    n2ncopy, it allows user to copy several files at different places with only one or several destination(s) in only one stage. Together of interface is based on slip-depositing it, you will be able to see the small window of superposition on the desk. Make slip the elements that you wish to copy/move green zone and make slip the file where you wish to move in the restricted parking zone.

    Once done, right-click the window for recovery and it will open the main window where you can check the files and folders you have chosen. Click the font button task to begin the task and waiting while the work is done.

    Before you being the task, you can select whether to copy or move the elements to the target destination. There is also an option to either Overwrite or Rename automatically the file that it finds to be identical. It runs on Windows XP, 2003, and Vista.

    I have attached the Zip down here just Download & Enjoy.

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    Re: How to copy multiple files to multiple destination at a time

    Here is another software for it!

    Copy the whole specific list of files to multiple destinations file. To add the source files of the first list, to add repertories of destination for the second list, the previsualisation of the results and then to carry out.

    Just Download the attachment :

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    Re: How to copy multiple files to multiple destination at a time

    How To Copy/Delete Multiple Files At One Time To Copy Multiple Files

    1. To go to the Menu, then with l' recording then of manager of files, you will owe 2 readers indexed in 2 shutters and

    2. Press the right arrow button to increase the shutter right. Write down the screen to the external command and press well - this opens the external command.

    3. Press Left arrow button to highlight the left pane. External should already be highlighted. Press the OK button - this opens up the External drive.

    4. Scroll down to the first file that you want to copy and press the "Check Mark" button. Repeat this step as necessary.

    5. Once you have selected all of the files you want to copy, scroll up to one of the files you have selected and press the "Green" button to copy to right.

    When this process is complete, press the Exit button to exit the menu.

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