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Thread: Error 0x8004240f formatting Extended Partition

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    Error 0x8004240f formatting Extended Partition

    Thx for anyones help,

    I have a problem i cannot use 113GB of my HDD cause its now an extebdet partition i remember i installed once Open Suse Linux on it and now the vista partition creator wont me to do anything with it eaven on windows i cannot create a logicial partiton from it like its blokked

    thx 4 help Claude

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    Re: Error0x8004240f formaying Extendet Partition

    See this similar kind of thread for more help : Deleted partition with disk management, can't get it back!

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    Re: Error0x8004240f formaying Extendet Partition

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    Re: Error0x8004240f formating Extend Partition

    There is mbrwork from terabyteunlimited that
    may be able to help you recapture the partition. Or you can evev try linux distribution CD. Once Linux distribution CD is inserted install up to the point of partitioning format as NTFS or delete the drive, then try again with Vista.

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