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Thread: Customize default view in Powerpoint

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    Customize default view in Powerpoint

    Previously i was using Office 2003 and now upgraded to 2007 few days back. I have a query regarding the default view of PowerPoint 2007. Whenever i open any presentation, it opens up files in Outline view. Outline and Slides tabs displayed on the left hand side. So i need to change the default view of my Powerpoint . Could you guys help me out for the same?

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    Re: Customize default view in Powerpoint

    PowerPoint lets you configure the view that you want to all presentations opened it like open in a different view, such as Slide Sorter view, Slide Show view, Notes Page view, and variations on Normal view. Just go through this steps:-

    1. Open Powerpoint 2007 and click on the round Microsoft button on the top left corner and click on the PowerPoint Options.

    2. Now from the opened dialog box, Click on the Advanced tab in the left pane.

    3. Now under Display section, scroll under Open all documents using and select the view that you want to set as the new default.

    4. Click Ok.

    Thats it. Your default view is now changed. Better to restart Powerpoint.

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    Re: Customize default view in Powerpoint

    That is the nice and simple trick to change the start up view. You can change the default to a pre-existing theme or one that has been created for your company or group.

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