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Thread: CAB file extraction error

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    CAB file extraction error

    Since yesterday on the PC of my brother in that I reinstalled XP after a disk crash. In summary the config. If you need more, simply ask:

    Motherboard GigaByte EP45-DS3, Intel Core2Duo E8500
    Memory 4096MB (4GB) DDR-2 PC-6400, 800MHz. (2x2048MB)
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX + 512MB DDR3
    HDD 750GB SATA-II Samsung SpinPoint F1 (1 score)

    The problem is that it is strictly impossible to manually run a CAB file or an EXE with a CAB as the installation of Windows Media Player 11 or Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for example ... A same error message that comes back every time:

    "Failed to extract the file, probably due to a lack of memory (not enough disk space for the exchange of file)
    or file. cab damaged. "

    For against, via the Microsoft site, no problem ... Also, I am sure that these files are not damaged, they are on an external drive that I use regularly to make PCs buddies ...

    Does XP is limited in the size of the disk partition or a memory problem?

    I thank in advance anyone who would blow my hose.

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    Re: CAB file extraction error

    This is due to the nvidia firewall ... When downloading a file, they get all corrupt ... In short all downloaded files can not be installed ... Why? The mystery remains unsolved

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    Re: CAB file extraction error

    Thank you for the tip, unfortunately it's not that ... The firewall reports that it is not installed!

    The error occurs immediately after installing XP even before you install SP3

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    Re: CAB file extraction error

    I've seen a few cases somewhat similar. Basically, a problem when installing Windows XP with 4 GB of RAM.

    These cases were resolved for themselves with the withdrawal of a card. In fact XP did not have too many more than 3 GB of RAM.

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