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Thread: Not able to delete keys from the registry.

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    Not able to delete keys from the registry.

    I am using XP SP2 in my comp. Recently my comp got infected and scanned the pc to clear up the thing. Now i need to manually clear the unwanted registry entries. But when i try to delete those entries it show the message access denied or cannot delete. I do not understand what is issue with this thing. As i said that i had scanned the pc and removed the virus, but even after that how come the registry file is still affected. So, what i have to do for this issue.

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    Re: Not able to delete keys from the registry.

    Because of some spywares or virus your registry is being edited automatically. They had created a entry which can make you computer to restart. And if you try to remove you will receive those mentioned error messages.
    Just download RegAssassin by clicking on it. It will do your work. This tool will reset your registry settings and remove those unwanted changes made by the viruses.

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    Re: Not able to delete keys from the registry.

    Follow the step to resolve your issue:
    Click on Start Menu > Run > Type regedit.
    When window pop up right click on the key which want to edit. Then choose Permissions.
    Click on the Everyone entry so that it is highlighted
    Down in the lower window place click a check into the Full Control row under the Allow column.
    Uncheck all the Deny Column.
    Then Click OK.
    Now again try to edit your registry as per your need.

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    Re: Not able to delete keys from the registry.

    You can use several tools available on the internet to edit or repair your registry. These tools automatically repair the registry by bringing the default changes back. Some of them are :
    Registry Tool - It can edit, restore, clean and repair window registry.
    Registry Tool
    Registry Mechanic - By using this tool regularly it make you system stable and will avoid system crashes.
    Registry Mechanic
    RegScanner - It restore changes made by other applications.

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