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Thread: Shuffle background Images

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    Shuffle background Images

    I recently installed Windows 7 & was experiences a good operating system. i also heard that windows 7 provides a nice feature of changing the desktop background automatically. But i wanted to know it is possible with it.

    Can anyone provide with the solution....!

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    Re: Shuffle background Images

    Here’s how to enable Shuffle for Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 7:

    1. Right-click on your Desktop and choose Personalization.
    2. Under the Personalization Control Panel, choose Desktop Background (in the bottom of screen).
    3. Under Picture location, you can choose from the default locations for photos or browse to a custom folder where you might be storing photos.
    4. You can choose multiple photos by checking each photo you want to see as a desktop background.
    5. At the bottom of the screen next to Picture position there is a drop down box and a check box for shuffling pictures on your desktop. Make sure the “Shuffle” checkbox is checked.
    6. You can also customize how often pictures shuffle on your desktop via the drop down next to the “Shuffle” check box.

    After selecting the backgrounds, enabling shuffle, and setting how often they shuffle – you can save your new “theme” in Windows 7 via the Personalization Control Panel (just click the back button from the Desktop Background screen).

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    Re: Shuffle background Images

    To shuffle Desktop backgrounds, do the following:

    • Right click the desktop, and select Personalize

    • Click on Desktop Background

    • Select the backgrounds you want to transition through, choose the amount of time each wallpaper shows for, and select whether you want the wallpaper to shuffle. Click OK

    • You can optionally save your theme by clicking Save theme

    • Give your theme a name to use it later

    Now sit back and enjoy the (slide)show!

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