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Old 29-04-2009
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Get lyrics of the song in Windows Media Player

When one listen to songs, you like to know what the song is actually saying. But tracking down the lyrics for each new track buy doesn't appeal to inherent slothfulness. So, here is a freeware called LyricsFetcher which can get the lyrics for all the songs within your Windows Media Player library. When you first run LyricsFetcher, it will read songs from your Windows Media Player library,this initial reading may take quite a few seconds. Don't worry - all other loadings will be much quicker.Once the songs are loaded, you select the songs for which you want to find lyrics and then click Fetch . LyricsFetcher will then look on the web for lyrics for the selected songs. If it finds some, it will write them into your music library, otherwise it will mark the song has having failed to find lyrics.

Whenever you have updated your music library, you can also update LyricsFetcher using the menu options. Generally fetching lyrics of a song will take around one second or so, but if you have a large collection in your music library, it might take some time to fetch for every song.LyricsFetcher knows that not all songs are equal, and there are some tracks for which it shouldn't try to fetch the lyrics. Most obviously, some file formats cannot store lyrics (like .wav files).

Other formats can store lyrics but neither iTunes nor Windows Media Player know how to do that (like .ogg files). Songs that do not have a title or an artist will be ignored. Similarly, songs that have a title that looks like "Track 99" will be ignored since such title are almost always generated and inaccurate.

  • Song management. This covers how we find the music library, how we load the information about the songs, and how we write changes back into the library.
  • Broadened the search criteria so that lyrics can be found by the name of the track alone. This does mean that some false hits will be found, that is, finding wrong lyrics to the song.
  • Lyrics fetching. Once we have a list of songs, the area covers how we can find lyrics for them: where do we look, how do we fetch them.
  • Fixed bug where LyricsFetcher would crash on machines where iTunes had never been installed.
  • Metadata fetching. For those songs where the title or artist are missing or suspect, how can we find the meta data for them.
  • Added LyricsPlugin as another lyrics source.
  • User interface. How do we give the user access to the above functional areas.
  • Fixed bug where LyricsFetcher would crash when using WMP as the library and trying to update meta-data on formats that it can't update (like AAC).
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Old 29-04-2009
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Re: Get lyrics of the song in Windows Media Player

When a track is selected, its information is displayed in the Details section at the bottom of the window. Any changes you make to this information will be written back into your music library. LyricsFetcher uses the genre of the song to decide whether or not to try to find lyrics for it. Some genres that are automatically ignored are: "Books & Spoken", "Classical", "Instrumental", and "Podcast."

There is currently no user interface to change these settings, though it can be done by editing the "IgnoredGenres" section of LyricsFetcher.exe.config file. These "ignore" settings govern how the "Select Missing" and "Select Untried" buttons work. You can completely ignore the ignore settings! Just select the song you want, and click Fetch. LyricsFetcher will obediently try to find that song's lyrics, even if the song has no name, no artist, and its genre is "Classical."
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Old 29-04-2009
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Re: Get lyrics of the song in Windows Media Player

Hey,, I am using this , its really a nice application. It works same on WMP and itunes as well.
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Old 29-04-2009
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Re: Get lyrics of the song in Windows Media Player

Thanks for sharing this. I have been using this, its really very interesting. It loads a list of tracks from a music library, and then tries to find lyrics for those songs. It can also try to find metadata (title and artist) for songs.
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