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Thread: How to Update DirectX

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    How to Update DirectX

    Hello, I have a Windows Xp System And ATI HD4850 Graphic card , Currently I think I Have Directx 9 not sure about the Exact version , I Read on my Graphic card box that it support Directx 10 can You tell me How Can i update or upgrade the Directx For my Graphic card please help Thanks in advance For Your Suggestion ,

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    Re: How to Update DirectX

    Hello , DirectX is a set of drivers from Microsoft that controls the sound and video displays on your computer. DirectX drivers are required for many games and utilities besides our products, having the latest version of DirectX installed on your computer can be very beneficial. Please update your DirectX, restart your computer, and then start the game. To get the most current version of DirectX, click on this link and follow the on-screen instructions:

    Click where it says "Download the latest DirectX", when you are prompted to SAVE/OPEN the file, choose open and proceed through the installation.

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    Re: How to Update DirectX

    Hello , i Think You cannot Update to Directx10 on windows xp As windows team blog that

    DirectX10 is exclusive to Windows Vista and is not slated to be supported by any other platform. This will ensure that the next-gen games will be available on Windows Vista before any other platform.

    The new display driver or graphics model in Windows Vista, WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model), is the main reason for DirectX10’s exclusivity to the operating system. It may come as a surprise to know that the graphics driver model hasn’t changed much since Windows NT4 – WDDM is the first major revamp of the system and is designed for scaling high-capability graphics.

    DirectX10 depends on these improvements in the graphics model and so, it leverages the virtualization and architectural improvements of WDDM, in both the APIs as well as the underlying infrastructure.

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    Re: How to Update DirectX

    Microsoft updates DirectX on a schedule independent of its updates to Windows, and although some software setup CDs come with a version of DirectX, if you play video-intensive games or watch movies on your computer you're better off getting the latest DirectX package directly from Microsoft. To find out what version of DirectX is installed on your computer, click Start, Run, and in the command box, type dxdiag and press Enter. On the System tab, near the bottom of the System Information list, you should see an entry labeled DirectX Version.

    DirectX updates are usually not security-related fixes, so they will not be delivered through Automatic Updates, nor will they appear in the "High Priority" section in Windows Update. To check for a DirectX update, click Start, All Programs, Windows Update. Select Custom updates, and view any entries in the "Optional Software" category. Check and install DirectX if it appears.

    You can also download and install the latest version of DirectX from

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