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Thread: How to save frames in swf file in other file formats ?

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    How to save frames in swf file in other file formats ?


    I have certain frames in my mobile phones that are stored in swf file format. I want these frames to be converted into bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, png file format so as to view them into multiple applications and platforms. How can I convert these frames stored in swf file format into other(mentioned) file formats ?

    Any ideas...... kindly suggest

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    Re: How to save frames in swf file in other file formats ?

    SWF Toolbox 2.7

    • SWF Toolbox allows you to convert Macromedia Flash Files (SWF) into most popular graphic formats such as Projector EXE, AVI, animated GIF and frame-by-frame JPEG/ GIF/ BMP image series.
    • The key feature of Toolbox is Advanced Projector, which lets viewing SWF movies without the need to install Flash OCX into the system, defining window size and style, enabling / disabling mouse / keyboard activity, setting expiration date, versatile tooltips and more.

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    Re: How to save frames in swf file in other file formats ?

    Convert Flash into multiple formats

    The SWF converter makes it a breeze converting Adobe Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) files into popular graphic and video formats such as AVI, animated GIF and frame-by-frame JPEG/GIF/BMP image series or Projector EXE. With SWF & FLV Toolbox you are just one click away from the conversion result you always wanted.
    SWF & FLV Toolbox is a treat for every computer user and Internet surfer!
    Onscreen SWF file preview, convenient settings, on-the-fly help and user-friendly interface make SWF & FLV Toolbox a pleasure to work with.

    Features -

    • Convert SWF/FLV movies into AVI, animated GIF, frame-by-frame JPEG/GIF/BMP, Projector EXE files
    • Convert SWF/FLV/Projector EXE files one-by-one or in a batch
    • Convert SWF into video (AVI). Note that MP3 is the only sound format supported for frame-by-frame video conversion
    • Create Advanced Flash Players with navigation controls and other cool features
    • Capture interactive as well as non-interactive Flash movies into Video files in a single-click of a button
    • Unlock protected SWF files
    • Add cool movie controls to FLV files converting them to handy SWF Player
    • Protect your SWF files from being opened and viewed in Flash Studio
    • FLV to Video conversion
    • Create exclusive screensavers from any SWF/FLV/Projector EXE file and add your homepage address, e-mail address, title, etc to its settings
    • Convert Projector EXE files back into SWF
    • Modify Advanced Flash Player caption, icon, cursor, version information, window size and location, expiration date etc.
    • Advanced Flash Player renders Flash movies without storing intermediate files on disk making it impossible to grab SWF file from the executable, which makes it a great solution to prevent decompiling your SWF movies
    • Add unique zooming control to Advanced Flash Player file
    • Advanced Player files cannot be decompiled
    • Adjust optimization settings for JPEG, apply different color schemes for GIF, select the desired frame rate for AVI files and lots more
    • Additional compression allows achieving lowest ever executable file sizes
    • Force Zlib compression and reduce your SWF/FLV files' size
    • Your users no longer need to have Adobe Flash player installed to view Flash animation
    • Onscreen preview of the selected files
    • User-friendly innovative user interface
    • Full Drag-and-Drop support

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    Re: How to save frames in swf file in other file formats ?

    Swf To Gif Converter is a SWF to GIF converter software and SWF capture software. Export GIF from SWF files, and you can extract picture list, can also extract separate picture.Convert Flash SWF to animated GIF.
    Convert to BMP,TIFF,JPEG, PNG and GIF image series.

    Frame by frame: This mode runs Flash movie frame by frame, and is suitable for batch converting.
    Convert to BMP and TGA images sequence.

    swf is a popular image format. The issue can be tackled by converting the file format into a more compatible .gif format. The conversion task can be effectively handled with the assistance of Swf To Gif Converter 1.0 application. The utility is capable of converting the Macromedia Flash SWF into animated GIF, and allow users saving the frames as images. It enables the users to generate .gif file of any resolution and frame rate from the given .swf. You can process the files in batches and fetch the output without missing any frame, with good quality output.

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