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Thread: How to share .pst files between 2 Computers

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    How to share .pst files between 2 Computers

    I need some suggestion from you guys about sharing .pst files of Outlook between 2 or more computers. Is that possible to do ? I really need to do so in my office because of some reason.

    Please let me know how is that possible ?

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    Re: How to share .pst files between 2 Computers

    No , you can not share the .pst files because .PST file is the main file that Outlook uses to store your email locally. It's the mail database, and if you're not storing your mail on a server, you're using a .PST file. So its obvious you can not share it from multiple machines as its mail database.

    The better way to share it from multiple system is that you keep your mail on your server.If your organization is running Exchange, then your mail never makes it to a .PST file and you never have to worry about sharing the file. Or the alternate way is to set up IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), which will allow you to access your server-based messages.

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    Re: How to share .pst files between 2 Computers

    Sharing same .pst file from 2 computers at a same time will permanently damage your mail file. Microsoft tells that they don't recommend doing so, and you'll get a lot of problems if you do a network access.You can update the calendars of other users with the proper settings.I am not sure, but this may require a Domain Controller environment and not just a Workgroup setup.

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    Re: How to share .pst files between 2 Computers

    Two people cannot work from the same Personal Folders .pst file at the same time, because these files are not designed for shared access.A relatively recent development is the advent of a few products that can bypass the shared access limitations of PST files.

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