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Thread: Excellent Safari plug-ins

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    Excellent Safari plug-ins

    i am using safari web browsing and looking for some more features and fun with it ,i am looking for some addons/plug-ins which is excellent for safari so please any one have more experienced with plug-ins please reply me thank you.

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    Re: Excellent Safari plug-ins

    Xmarks for Safari

    Xmarks is a free add-on for your browser that synchronizes and backs up your bookmarks across multiple computers and more. Xmarks helps you find the best sites on the web based on what millions of people are bookmarking.

    * Backup and Sync
    Automatically backup and sync your bookmarks after every change. Sync with your iPhone too!
    * Search Smarter
    Learn more about top sites when you search on Google.
    * Access Anywhere
    Visit to access your bookmarks online.

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    Re: Excellent Safari plug-ins

    PithHelmet is a tool to prevent, not just to stop advertising, it can block Flash animations, Shockwave programs and a variety of annoying background music of the Midi. Currently do not support safari 4 Beta.

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    Re: Excellent Safari plug-ins

    try DeliciousSafari it allows you to store and share bookmarks online, DeliciousSafari and fully compatible with the service that lets you directly in your browser to submit a bookmark. Plugin website.

    SafariStand will appear next to your web pages and bookmarks thumbnail, you can save your browser Session, the click of a button you can return to the Session. Other features include site changes (changes in the smallest font, or to apply their own CSS style sheet), In addition, the site can browse the javaScript, CSS, Cookies and other resources.

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    Re: Excellent Safari plug-ins

    Saft is like a Swiss Army Knife, it features more than enough to set out (a complete list). Important functions, including advertising to stop, in the Tab to open a new window to stop the animation, such as estoppel Tab closure. Plugin website.

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    Re: Excellent Safari plug-ins

    Cooliris is a model by Gallery view pictures and video plug-ins can be used to view the Google Image Search, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr images. It will be the current page in all the pictures and video display to a wall similar to the television interface, provides a very good browsing experience.

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    Re: Excellent Safari plug-ins

    Inquisitor can be used to enhance the Google search bar. Enter a search in the contents of your site will be at the bottom of a small window shows real-time search results. Will be listed in search results and recommendations. This is a high quality plug-ins, Yahoo has recently been acquired, and now also supports IE and Firefox. However, Yahoo being the result of the acquisition is that the default search engine from Google to Yahoo.

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