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Thread: How To Add Subtitle Using Vlc Player ?

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    How To Add Subtitle Using Vlc Player ?

    how Can I put the subtitle to a video , I use the video player software VLC for Viewing video files and the format of video file is AVI the subtitle file format is In SRT Format , So please tell me a Way to Solve these problem , thank you very much in Advance for your help

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    Re: How To Add Subtitle Using Vlc Player ?

    While modern file formats like Matroska or OGM can handle subtitles directly, older formats like AVI can't. Therefore, a number of subtitles files formats have been created. You need two files: the video file and the subtitles files that only contains the text of the subtitles and timestamps.

    VLC can handle these types of subtitles files:
    • MicroDVD
    • SubRIP
    • SubViewer
    • SSA
    • Sami

    Vobsub (this one is quite special: it is not made from text but from images, which means that you can't change the fonts)To open a subtitles file, use the Advanced Open dialog box (Menu File, Open file). Select your file by clicking on the Browse button. Then, check the Subtitle options checkbox and click on the Settings button. You can then select the subtitles file by clicking the Browse button. You can also set a few options like character encoding, alignment and size. The delay option allows you to delay the subtitles against the video if they are not in sync. If they are not at the same speed, you might also want to adjust the subtitles framerate.

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    Re: How To Add Subtitle Using Vlc Player ?

    Easiest way is to just drag the subtitle file (.srt) onto the VLC screen itself as the movie is playing...simple or Better Copy your subtitle file in the same directory of your movie file. Make sure both the subtitle file and the movie file have the same name (leave the extension off). Then play the movie with VLC and it should automatically show the subtitles

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