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Thread: Data freeze in excel

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    Data freeze in excel

    when we generate a set of random numbers in Excel, these are calculated for you press enter or that adds up. Do you know how to fix definitely the random data? Knowing that I am using excel 2007.

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    Re: Data freeze in excel

    Freezing an external data range retains the data but not its underlying query so a frozen so a frozen external data range cannot be refreshed.

    1. Click a cell in the external data range that you want to freeze, and then click Data Range Properties Button image on the External Data toolbar.

    2. Under Query definition, clear the Save query definition check box.

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    Re: Data freeze in excel

    With the $ I think, something in this genre ... E18>> $ E $ 18, it freezes you for your cell calculations.

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    Re: Data freeze in excel

    Options> Forms> Calculation

    Check "Manual".

    Then F9 to trigger the re-calculation.

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