Hi All,

I'm reasonably new to MS project 2007 and while I have done a couple of professional training courses I still cannot work out how to do certian reporting.

In my business we have a number of small projects that run simultaneously that use the same resources. I have placed these under one master project. The problem that I am having is being able to effectively communicate what people are supposed to be doing when.

Many of the sub projects have exactly the same headings (i.e. order tooling, sample manufacture etc.) so when I try some of the views / reports it comes up with these headings and has no reference to the actual project (i.e. the person knows that he needs to manufacture samples but not for which project).

What I would like to achieve is some kind of report or view for each of the resources that I want to share the information to, informing them of what specific task they need to do at what time and which project is it related to.

I'm sure that this is a fairly simple question but I have tried everything and have failed miserably!!

for reference I am running MS Project 2007 basic.

Thanks in advance for your help

Tom Francis