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Thread: iPod emulator for Windows XP

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    iPod emulator for Windows XP

    I am looking for an iPod emulator for Windows XP. I just want to see the menu structure and the way it play's songs. Nothing illegal or such. Does anyone know where I can get an iPOD emulator or an application that will play protected AAC files?

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    Re: iPod emulator for Windows XP

    If you are into music I recommend pPod. (5 day free trial) it is a really good ipod emulator from Starbrite Software. It looks and feels just like an I-pod.

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    Re: iPod emulator for Windows XP

    I recently came across with S2P app that allows you to replicate the iPhone/iPod Touch audio player on your Windows Mobile device. Although the design of the app isn't completely the same, the interface is very similar and as such it provides you with a novel way of listening to music on your mobile - without the stylus.

    On booting up S2P you'll probably notice that it doesn't auto-detect your MP3s, which is a little irritating, but quickly solved by ensuring that all of your music is organised well into folders, allowing you to navigate this way, rather than through a list.

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