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Thread: Dreambox Control Center (DCC) Final Version

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    Dreambox Control Center (DCC) Final Version

    Dreambox Control Center (DCC)

    This program is freeware and can be used without any. The program is exclusively for dealing with the Dreambox over the network provides. The use, especially of data to and from the Dreambox is at your own risk.

    • Network Management
    • Script Management
    • Telnet client
    • FTP client
    • Download Recordings
    • MP3 Playlists
    • Web Interface
    • Setiings Backup / Restore / Editor
    • Support Tools for Dream Flash @ Mechatronics (DM7000 only)
    • and much more ...

    NEW: DCC-E2 only for boxes with Enigma2 (DM7025, DM800 and DM8000)


    DCC v2.95 (01.10.2007)

    • Timeout in the Telnet login password added. Some Images (7025) need more time after the login until the password is the query. DCC has in these cases sometimes respond too quickly, making the automatic login fails. Since DCC not previously "white", whether a password, will now wait a maximum of 3 seconds. If at this time no password is normally done. Images without Telnet password is minimal need more time for the login. For images with the Telnet password, there is no delay, because the query is immediately detected.
    • Correction to the display size in Recordings. Was in the Regional and Language Options from Windows to display different from the German spelling (ie, comma as decimal separator and point as the thousands separator, eg. 1.234.567,89), then it came to displaying the wrong file sizes Recordings in the field. The values are now independent of the Windows settings correctly calculated.
    • Backing up and restoring the size of the text editor / viewer. On user request, DCC now remembers the last set size of the text editor and makes these calls automatically recalled again. It is only the size saved, not the item (the editor as a modal window when you first call is always centered on the main window).

    DCC v2.94 (23.08.2007)
    • Corrections in default paths
    • Corrections in local move
    • Some Buxfixes

    DCC v2.93 (10.06.2007)


    • Experts: Autoconfig adjusted (default paths)
    • Experts: DM600 as DM7020 added as a preset
    • Experts: Local move allow added

    FTP Commander

    • Local move "in the context menu. This feature is only visible when in Configuration / Experts has been released (see above). There is a high risk because the files in the source folder will be deleted! Who uses this feature, you should know what it's doing!

    FTP Data

    • Timeout in the data center. Therefore, fewer crashes when disturbed compounds (eg WLAN).
    • The demolition was optimized manually, even when lost connection can be aborted.

    Addon Manager

    • Corrections in the handling (delete / insert)
    • Adjustments for the DM600

    Setting Editor

    • Corrections for cable boxes
    • Displaying the Tunertypes (Satellite / Cable) to control. Please make sure that in Configuration / Experts of the right type is set as the editor, otherwise setting the settings can be upset!

    Various minor bugfixes ...

    DCC v2.92 (13.01.2007)

    Setting Editor
    The handling of Enigma2 has been revised.
    Divisions (sections) within bundles are not supported by the editor and removed!

    MP3 Playlists
    Shuffle (random order) and AlphaSort (alphabetical order) were added.
    These functions change the order in playlists. Please note that the original order is lost!

    Upload / download
    The (experimental) Minimize function was revised.
    A minimized DCC is now preserved and must be manually terminated to be restored.

    The network test was conducted on the earlier version back and can now also optionally be disabled ( "No Test" link below). If the test is disabled, all connections without checking always green and DCC seeks an immediate Telnet or FTP connection.

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    Re: Dreambox Control Center (DCC) Final Version

    DCC v2.90 (28.12.2006)

    Setting Editor

    This has been completely revised and primarily responsible for the 7025 made fit.

    • Detection and treatment of Enigma2 settings.
    • Filter function for providers, satellite (position and C and F) and Type (FTA, Pay TV).
    • Full Text Search Channels

    To view the bouquets of my 7000 in the format of the 7025 transfer, I have a converter. This assumes the settings from the backup of a DCC Enigma1 box and convert it completely into the 7025er format. Whoever wants to can download it here: BC7025

    MP3 Playlists
    Before use, please Configuration / Experts a "Music Path" to specify where you usually mp3's stored (eg / var/mnt/hdd/mp3)! The editor only lists entries in and below this path.
    • Select the directory structure including all m3u files from the "Music Path" (see Configuration / Experts).
    • Display the contents of a playlist.
    • Create, delete and edit playlists.
    • Adding individual MP3's and even entire folders into playlists. The path can optionally absolute or relative.
    • Manually add entries. You can also add links to web addresses, web or non-MP3's are entered.
    • Writing simple and advanced Playlists. Newly added entries will receive advanced Playlists always a time of -1 seconds (unknown), because the real game on FTP can not be identified. Existing playlists with Windows backslash in the path will be included in the Linux spelling with Slash converted.

    The 7025 is currently with playlists yet reasonable deal. My 7000 and 7020er was playlists but flawlessly played.

    Detection of standard paths and Enigma2
    The detection was revised so that the function "Autoconfig" in Configuration / Experts now with the newer image, the correct path to return would have. In addition, links now directly read out, so that DCC can start faster, because the detection of the path Recordings no longer on the hard disk must be accessed.
    If a 7020 or 7025 recognized, now is the "boot manager" disabled because DCC offers no support for it! Instead, there is for these boxes at this point ...

    Memory Info
    Overview of capacity and consumption of all the relevant disk (root, USB, CF and HDD). The content corresponds to information in the info panel in the boot manager for the 7020er and 7025er Boxing is not available. The memory capacity has been enhanced by a graphical representation expands.

    PC shutdown after batch download
    If multiple recordings Recordings on the download list downloaded, you can download earlier in the list, the option "Shut down PC after downloading" enabled. If this function is selected and the download starts, but it can not be retrofitted and disable the PC goes to the download mercilessly down!

    Wrap in Telnet
    The current lack of line breaks in the Telnet was used in the Library reasons and I had no influence on this behavior. That I could now deal with a hack, so now is a normal line break is executed.

    New Ping on "Connect"
    After running DCC or reconnect a device recognition, which will then ping the IP's registered examine and if successful the green lines indicate. The Ping function had a fairly short time which, in the Wi-Fi environments, and via the Internet may not be enough.

    DCC v2.2 Final
    New in v2.2 DCC (only in german ... sorry)

    Known bugs

    Film (including merge):
    If query "File already exists! Overwrite?" with no reply, only the first part omitted and the existing file with the following parts replaced.

    Importing Recordings:
    In recent times are often in some images recorded in the file without recordings.epl # DESCRIPTION registered. DCC stops from this point, reading the list. Other deviations from the norm occur, such as double. Ts in the name or not previously used special characters. Corrections can take place only if all possible variations are known and everything is back has enigma. A modified version, at least the # RECORDINGS-problem, there is HERE (only contains the executable on the exchange).

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