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Thread: How to password rar file

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    How to password rar file

    I am accustomed of downloading files from the Net, but sometimes they are protected by a password. One can neither see the files nor open it without knowing the password. Therefore I want to add a password to my compressed rar files also. Can you say to me how to proceed please? Thank you

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    Re: How to password rar file

    1. Open WinRAR, choose the folder or file that you want to compress by clicking the “Add” option.
    2. Select the “Advanced” tab and choose “Set Password” option.
    3. Once you have finished entering your password, you can choose to encrypt the file name by checking this option.
    4. When you are done, click “OK” and apply the changes by clicking “OK” again in the Archive parameters window.

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    Re: How to password rar file

    "Best is to use WinRAR's Command Line Operation. Set a path in the system variables to point to the WinRAR install folder or do a SET PATH on your own (in a command prompt) to point there. Then go to the folder that has the RAR files and run this:

    unrar x -ppassword *.rar

    The "x" command tells UnRAR to EXRACT the file(s) in their respective folders (same as WinRAR using EACH file(s) name as the folder.

    Then the -p switch (Immediately followed by the password - No Spaces) tells it to use that same password.

    Then finally the *.rar selects ALL RARs in the same folder to process."

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    Re: How to password rar file

    Ok, thanks for all the suggestions. But after passwording a rar file can I reset the rar file again?

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    Re: How to password rar file

    Create Rar password
    Open Winrar and click on Wizard. Select "Create a new archive".

    Press "Next".

    Select the files to be added to the archive and press "OK".
    Give the desired name for the archive

    Press "Next".

    Now the most important step. Press "Set password".

    Here you can set the password in two ways.
    1) Set password will be in asterisks. You cannot see the set password, hence you will need to enter it twice for confirmation.
    For this just enter the password you want to set twice.

    2) Set password can be seen, hence it needs to be entered only once.
    For this Tick "Show password" and enter the password you want to set only once.

    Press "OK". You will return to the following window.

    Click "Finish". Your password protected rar archive will be created in your Desktop.

    Type I rar archive will open. It will show an asterisk just beside the files indicating that it will need password to extract the files.

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    Re: How to password rar file

    Really impressed with the post of yours here that you have given above. It seems that you have used the WinRar well. Now I have 7zip with me and if you want you can try to compress the files of yours. Just get it downloaded and then you will be required to select the folder or the File that you want to compress and then lock. Make a right click on the folder and choose the 7zip option. After that you will be required to choose the Add to archive option. Then you will see the Window of the 7zip and you will see the password filed on the very same window. Then you will be required to enter the password there and then click on the OK button. You will be able to see the file getting compressed with the password protection. In case of the WinRar you will be required to navigate from one page of the WinaRar to the other; in case of the 7zip you get it on the single page here.

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