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Thread: How to record MSN conversation

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    How to record MSN conversation

    I would like to know how to record conversations of msn (of one of my cousin who is 14 years old). I would like to know if a software exists? I have tried to install a kind of spy software my antivirus detects it everytime. So can anyone help me out some other method. Thank you

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    Re: How to record MSN conversation

    Download Freebird's vEmotion with recorder, an excellent program to record a IM conversations. It is able to record voice conversations on Msn, Skype, Gtalk, AIM.

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    Re: How to record MSN conversation

    you have to activate the option 'save history'

    then it will be stored here
    C:/my documents / my received files / folder with your account's name / history

    when running PLUS
    open MSN
    activate the option 'save history'

    it will be saved here
    C:/ my documents/ my chat logs

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    Re: How to record MSN conversation

    You need to go to your preferences on each Messenger and set the archive or privacy settings, to archive your messages and conversations. You can also, archive them for a certain amount of time, meaning they will store your conversations for a day, week, etc.

    Also, you can go to your start menu, and click on All Programs, then go to your Accessories, and click on your Paint option, open it then minimize it...and if its just one or two conversations you want to save, you can hit print screen on your key-board...then restore your Paint Window, go up to "EDIT" and then hit paste..and then save it, but when you save it you want to save it in a "JPEG" format. Good-Luck!! That is another way of "TAKING-A-SCREEN-SHOT" .. Hope this helps, Good-Luck

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