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Thread: DAO350.dll is missing

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    DAO350.dll is missing

    Hi All!

    I got a strange error "DAO350.dll is missing" when trying to load VB6. This message is appearing me during last week. Also got to tel you that this Error message is coming after i have installed MS Office.

    Can anyone help me with it!

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    Re: DAO350.dll is missing

    See for the link below may help you a lot ....

    Microsoft Help.....!

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    Re: DAO350.dll is missing

    DAO350.DLL is a self-registering DLL, and you marked it not to be, so that
    could be the problem.
    You can use tools like PEAnalyzer to check whether Dlls are self-registering
    or not.
    For more information on this please take a look at the Knowledge
    Base article

    INFO: Where Can I Get PE Analyzer and What is it Used For?
    Document ID: Q104286


    Obed-InstallShield Developer Support

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    Re: DAO350.dll is missing

    You can fix missing dao350.dll file error by downloading the file link & the running through it.

    This might definately Help you...!

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    Re: DAO350.dll is missing

    1. You can create a package for program distribution this way all necessary DLLS would be provided with it. Use “Package and Deployment Wizard” from VB Tools. This is recommended approach for all VB program distributions. Put package on the network and do installation on each machine from this package.

    2. You can try to put necessary DLL from your machine in the same folder where your VB executable and it might help. Sometimes you need to Register this DLL on local machine.

    3. You can download MDAC 2.8 from Microsoft site for free and install on local machines.

    4. Installing Microsoft Office on machine might help. It is also installs database drivers but no guarantee that it would be the same version used in your application.

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    Re: DAO350.dll is missing

    If you are distributing an Access 2002 runtime, you should include
    dao360.dll, not dao350.dll.

    If they install Access 97 after your runtime, and the installation manages
    to mess up dao360.dll, they should be able to reregister the dll by entering
    someting like this at Start | Run:

    regsvr32 "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\dao\dao360.dll"

    Conversely, if your software messes up the A97's ability to use their
    dao350.dll, they should be able to re-register with regsvr32.exe. The path
    you mentioned is the default location, but they could run a search to see
    where the file is. I think it's more likely that the registration of the
    file is messed up than that the file is deleted.

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