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Thread: Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

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    Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

    Hello to everyone and everyone

    How can i add the my own created keyboard shorcuts in Microsoft word. I have MS office 2003. I just wish to create my own handy keyboard shortcuts . So if anybody know the way then please show me.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

    Do the Following:

    • Access the Macros dialog with Alt-F8
    • In the Macros In combo box, select the Word Commands option
    • In the Macro name edit box, type in: ListCommands
    • Press Enter
    • In the resulting dialog, select the radio button titled "All Word Comands"
    • Press Enter, and check out the present keyboard shortcuts.

    All of the Microsoft Word commands are listed in a single dialog that lets you add or modify shortcuts.

    • Press Alt-T for Tools
    • Press C for Customize
    • Press Alt-C to select the Commands tab control
    • Press Alt-K to open the Customize Keyboard dialog
    • Select the category you're interested in
    • Tab to the Commands list box
    • Select the command you're interested in
    • Press Alt-N to focus the shortcut key edit box
    • Press the key combination you want to use for the selected command
    • Press Alt-A to assign the shortcut to the selected command
    • Repeat as desired

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    Re: Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

    1. Click on Start Menu and go to Program then click on Microsoft Word.
    2. In Microsoft Word go to Tools menu and click on Customize option.
    3. A dialog box will appear with title Customize, now click on “Keyboard” button.
    4. Again a small dialog box with title Customize Keyboard, the list of all the categories of commands with appear on the left side of the dialog box. You should click on the category that contains the command which you want to assign a shortcut keyboard.
    5. Choose the command you want to assign a keyboard combination on the right side of the customize keyboard dialog box and then click the key you want to create shortcut.
    6. Now click on Assign button to final the shortcuts key combination then close it.

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    Re: Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

    Thanks for the help. will try this solutions....and will let you know guys if there will be any problem regarding to your replies.

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