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Thread: Disable Update Device Driver Wizard

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    Disable Update Device Driver Wizard


    Whenever i connect any new new device to my pc , the windows wizard comes to update the drivers...i know it not much hectic but i do it several times so i wanna disable it.
    If someone know the way to do it, then please help me.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Disable Update Device Driver Wizard

    To disable this option:

    • Click Start, Run then type regedit.

    • Locate the key HKEY_CURENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

    • On the left side of the window, right-click and then click New and DWORD Value. Call the NoDevMgrUpdate.

    • Double-click this new value and enter 1. Confirm with OK and close the registry.

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    Re: Disable Update Device Driver Wizard

    Disabling the auto device updates is not a good idea at all, untill you do it manually always. By the way about which device you talking? i don't think so if you'll install the latest driver that wizard will come again. and editing the registry for every problem can harm your system .

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    Re: Disable Update Device Driver Wizard

    Yup exactly i'm agreed. We should make backup first of registry before editing it. Incase if system got coruupted coz of any faulty so that you can restore it. You can refer this for that Backup registry
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