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Thread: System restore doesn't restore

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    System restore doesn't restore

    My Computer has stopped functioning the system restore functionality.

    Whenever i try restoring, I get a message box saying "not possible - reboot computer & start again" but even after reboot the same message appears.

    The second problem is that even if I try to restore to an auto generated restore point I again get a message saying "not possible to restore choose another restore point". I do same as the message do appeared to me.Otherwise my system works perfectly. I desperate need the comfort of System Restore.

    Please Help...!

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    Re: System restore doesn't restore

    Visit the following Microsoft website for the solutions:

    Solution 1

    Solution 2

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    Re: System restore doesn't restore

    Have you tried it in SAFE MODE with Comman Prompt?

    Do the following things to do system restore through command prompt....!

    C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and then press Enter


    C:\winnt\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and then press Enter

    The System Restore Wizard should now open and you can select a suitable restore point...

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    Re: System restore doesn't restore

    Not because of Restore not working, before you reinstall we should look to see whats wrong with the system.

    System restore can get corrupted by spyware and Malware. Basically, it will infect the restore. Once it gets infected, the restore is junk. Only way to make the restore work again is to disable the restore, restart then enable the restore. But doing this will make you lose all restore points. but that doesn't matter anyways because they don't work.

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